Here’s a little story on how this paper cut art portfolio came to be…


One day, not so long ago, a mathematician couldn’t stop the voice in her head repeating: CREATE, CREATE! Art was a constant in her life: She always loved to draw and paint. But, felt there was another art medium out there–waiting to be discovered. She wanted more! So, while computing facts and figures by day, she stumbled upon the world of paper cut art by night…and her mind was blown!

Cut Paper Sunflowers in a shadow box

Aside from seeking out adventures with her husband, she’s her happiest self when she has 3 things by her side: colored paper, itsy bitsy scissors, and glue. With those magical materials on hand, she creates both whimsical and cautionary scenes made of cut paper.

She’s often inspired by nature–it’s filled with action! Living between the ocean and forest keeps her mind churning. She enjoys thinking about what curious creatures lurk in the waters and pines…

3D Cut Paper Art ForestPaper Cut Art of an Octopus lurking in the waterPaper cutting snow warrior

A lagoon setting made out of cut paper.When walking by her studio, you’ll know she’s at work when paper cut outs of all different colors, shapes, and sizes pop out from the door and take on a life of their own. To some, her studio may seem like an unruly paper jungle–but it’s home to her daydreams..


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