Winter Wonderland 

A Paper Cut Winter Scene

Squinting one eye open as I wake,
I look out my window
and spy what I think
…is a snowflake!

I jump out of bed and tumble down the staircase.
My furry pal joins in— Now it’s a race!

We slide to the front door and open it quickly,
as we smell the firesmoke leap out the chimney.

Floating chimney smoke passes us by.
We follow its trail as it drifts up, up, to the sky…

With our heads looking high up into space,
I feel what are, indeed, snowflakes falling upon my face.

I open my arms wide and feel every drop on my skin,
even the tiny icicles that form under my chin.

Then we jump and play around,
as the powdery puffs continue to drift down…

My four-legged buddy leaps to catch a snowflake.
He misses EACH and EVERY one, but continues to partake.

The earthbound snow soon drops with more might
And covers the ground in a deep coat, porcelain white.

A blanket of snow is all we can see
For miles and miles out to the sea

I lose all track of time as the snow continues to fall.
It’s bitterly cold, but I don’t care—I’m having a ball!

I lie back into the white puffy ground—  restfully.
And for the moment, Earth feels a touch more—  heavenly.

Not a sound or a peep is heard,
Not even a chirp from a cold, wintry bird.

All is hushed and still—
Purely enjoying the frosty chill.

But, then, I hear a bark
and feel paws tug at my feet.
I rise out of my wintry trance
and realize my pal wishes for indoor heat!

I smell the warmth from the crackling fireplace inside
and realize, I too want to take part in Yuletide.

Rising up from the snow, I join my pal and go in.
Though I walk now with a satisfied grin,
long icicles fastened under my chin.


Happy Holidays! And wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

By, Christina Record

P.S. Handmade 3D Cut Paper Snowflakes are available in my art shop!

A cut paper winter scene complete with a cut paper house and snowflakes.


    • Thank you for reading along and for your support, Christy! I’m glad you got a kick out of this winter themed poem. 😉 Can’t wait for the holidays! Will be sure to have exciting next paper crafts available! Can’t wait to read more of your posts too! All the best, Christina

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