Thanksgiving Tail

Thanksgiving Tail

I run through the park-

Run so fast my ears flop back from the breeze.


I chase the birds as I bark-

Chase them as they fly up in the trees.


I get ready to leap and jump high UP in the air…




hear distant mumbles and the clinking of fine dinnerware.


As whiffs of buttered sage turkey start to tickle my snout,

I quickly rise from my dreamy slumber to see what it’s all about…


Murmurs and savory aromas beckon me to the kitchen,

where I find my people, huddled around culinary riches.


Clustered around the oven watching the turkey baste,

everyone licks their lips– imagining the taste.


My tail starts to wag and my eyes grow wide,

as I spot brown butter and sea salt trickle down the sides.


While I watch the turkey finish its braise

I, too, fall into a Thanksgiving daze

and soon come to realize…


How much I love the holidays!


My stomach rumbles when I spy a sweet potato casserole

and, noticing PUFFS of marshmallow on top, I lose all self-control.


I strut on over to get a little bite.

But, when I look back up, it’s no longer in sight!


I jump and pant—sensing doom,

but then calm down when I spy it in the dining room.


I duck under a table covered with TALL candles and Victorian lace

and feel the warmth of the cracking fireplace.


Enjoying my comfy spot, but still craving a bite…

I hatch a plan as we head into the night.


I catch a whiff of brown sugar-maple glazed carrots from above

and every kind of yummy smell that you can think of!


Drifts of spices and herb fill the air and leave their mark,

From rosemary…to sage…to cinnamon bark


I long for the cranberry sauce with orange and clove

as more and more dishes arrive from the stove.


Here comes a green bean casserole with just a touch of nutmeg.

Might that be smoked paprika on top a deviled egg?

And is that…

Could it be…

Rubbed sage on a hot turkey leg?


Salivating at the thought of some juicy, tender meat

and hoping someone will drop me a little bite,

I HOWL into the air and PAW at nearby feet.

But not one single person looks down from their seat!


They are all too busy as they eat and EAT…


Nevertheless, under the table, I will stay–

waiting for my part of this culinary display.


I wait and linger as the fire crackles.

Before long, it’s time for the baked apples.


As they bring out heaps of cake and pie,

aromas of apple, pumpkin, cherry, and chocolate pass me by.


I put my head down and close my eyes–

hoping my fortunes will change before sunrise.


I wait and linger some more,

then later hear what I think is a …. snore?


No more clinking of glasses and dinnerware

or sounds of people eating anywhere!


I peer over the table to see what’s amiss

and am struck with a sight that gives me pure bliss.


After all that turkey, no one could stay awake!

Now I can claim that apple pie and cheesecake!


I jump on the table with one GIANT leap,

as all around me I hear snores from their very deep sleep.


Bobbing for apples never seemed so much fun,

as when I go head first into an apple pie drenched with buttered rum!


My tail wags when I see more sugary sweets.

Next, I dig into a plate of spiced pumpkin treats.


Moving to the end of the table, my paws get soaked in cranberry sauce.

I happily lick it all off and continue across.


My fur gets covered in rosemary and mushroom gravy

which I find incredibly tasty!


I then eat ALL the baked mac and cheese in one single bite.


And as the snores bore into the night,

I sit down

for a turkey leg


the cozy

warm candlelight.


As I down turkey, roasted potato, melted cheddar,

I think to myself—Best Thanksgiving Ever!

A cut paper illustration to go along with a Thanksgiving tale. The illustration shows a dog sleeping near a fireplace.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
~Christina Record



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