A Cautionary Tale for Halloween

During this particular time of year,

the ghosts, goblins, and ghouls appear.


The leaves drop to the ground from fear and fright,

Aware of what lurks behind the moonlight.


Appearing all over our land,

The ghosts SPOOK , the goblins SCARE,

And the ghouls come to raise your hair,

Causing us to scream and squeal: exactly as planned.


But…there is another we ought to fear even more.

For, while you sleep, she waits and lingers… near your front door.

So keep one eye open as you doze, be still, and do not snore!


… a WITCH —is what you’re on the look-out for…

A 3D Paper Halloween witch and her cat. Made with paper by Christina Record

With her cat and a smirk,

She will cast her wicked spell.

With the flick of her wand—Abracadabra does all her work.

And POOF, you’d be gone! She’d bid you farewell.


So be still–quiet now–she’s closer to your front door…

Waiting and listening for a peep or a snore.


And when you drift off to sleep—hoping she’ll find another to thrill,

She grows impatient and screams with a rising shrill,

Stirring you quickly from slumber; you gasp—and gulp too.

You jump out of fear and take quite a spill.


And by then, it’s already too late!

The witch and her feline pal heard YOU

With a sneer and a purr—they quickly pursue.


Why, oh why couldn’t you be still?


The witch storms in your house with a thumping gait—

Up the stairs and through the hall—

Ready and eager to determine your FATE…


Have a SPOOKY Halloween!

~Christina Record


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