Cut Paper Make-Believe


In the midst of the knotted pines and ocean swells,

a mathematician and cut paper artist dwells.


When she is not teaching about the Law of Sines

or about the slope of perpendicular lines,

she works in her art studio near the TALL pines.


With her colored paper, scissors, and glue on hand,

she cuts, pastes, and constructs in this storybook land.


She gets inspired by what legends may surround.

She imagines the trees twisting high from the ground,

snaking up the night sky to where fairies abound.


Soon, she hears the waves thump– as if GIANTS draw near!

She cuts and pastes–while waiting for one to appear.


Inspired and spellbound by this fabled coastline,

where reality and myth begin to entwine,

she spends her days creating cut paper designs.