Halloween Bouquet with Cut Paper Flowers

Halloween Bouquet


To the Undead Forest is where she goes,

to pick flowers and bones as they decompose.


With her TALL pointed hat catching the fall breeze,

she quickly swoops past all the living things…


Diving under the stars and flying past the trees,

she lands at a spot where life no longer clings.


In the Undead Forest is where she arrives,

to seek out things that have met their demise.


For here, in this haunted wood, all is hushed

as bones decay.


Flower petals are now tiny sprinkles of dust.

But for her, that’s perfectly okay…


With a little abracadabra under the full moon’s light,

she taps her wand and lets her magic take flight!


Dust swirls around her as flowers reincarnate and bloom

in colors that range from bright purple to sapphire blue.


The ground then stirs below, which causes bones to exhume.

They break through the mud and sparkle with a silvery hue.


She jumps with excitement and starts to pick her bouquet

filled with spook and mystery on this Halloween day!

Does anyone have any spooky or fun plans for Halloween? Maybe, a masquerade ball…costume contest…or cozy night at home with a scary movie? Share below! 🙂


P.S. This spooky bouquet filled with cut paper flowers is available in my shop! Discover more here–> Day of the Dead Bouquet

Until next time!



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